Meet the Latitude Curriculum Team...

Keith West, Founder & President


Johnny was born and raised in South Africa and is currently living in the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Johnny is passionate about people, leadership development, and being a great storyteller and teacher. Johnny has over twenty years of ministry experience, ranging from kids church to lead Pastor. He has been involved in young leadership development for the past twenty-two years and firmly believes that people can only be great leaders when they lead with their own identity. Leadership is all about influence, and influence can only be sustained through one's true identity.

For the past eight years, Johnny has dedicated his life to helping people discover their true identities, which can only be found in Christ. Throughout his ministry, Johnny has helped people with three big questions:

1) Why do I need an identity?

2) What is my identity?

3) What must I do with my identity?

The answers to these questions can be found when individuals discover that they are part of something bigger than just their own lives. Each and every person is part of God's big story. For Johnny, everyone's life story starts with, " in the beginning..."

That's why Johnny invested the larger part of his ministry in helping people discover God's big story and their role in it. That is your true identity.

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