Discipleship is at the core of Latitude

Latitude is a culture...

A movement that empowers leaders to fulfill God’s calling and spiritual mandate in their live

Spiritual leadership development is a life-long journey.

​​Spiritual leaders can never say that they have arrived. They are always in a process of learning and self-discovery as God continues to accomplish His sovereign work in their lives and circumstances to move them toward greater Christ-likeness and spiritual transformation. It is the task of spiritual leaders to humbly submit to this shaping process, knowing that God will eventually complete the work that he started in them. Latitude GLC desires to come alongside other leaders as spiritual companions in this process.

God chooses men and women from every culture to lead his people

The Holy Spirit sovereignly bestows natural abilities and spiritual leadership gifts on men and women from every culture for the purpose of leading God's people and edifying His church. Our task is to validate, encourage, and nurture their leadership for God's greater purposes. Latitude GLC desires to encourage unity, diversity, creativity, and grace-filled relationships among spiritual leaders in the global community.

Spiritual leaders deserve the opportunity to flourish

We believe that one of the benefits of stewarding our spiritual gifts and natural abilities properly is that it brings joy and a sense of fulfillment. Spiritual leaders should enjoy authentic and meaningful relationships in all their spheres of influence. Family relationships and personal health don't have to suffer in order for us to be high capacity leaders. In fact, they should thrive as we exercise proper self-leadership and practice times of rest and renewal. Our philosophy is that leaders ought to finish strong, leaving a legacy to the next generation of spiritual leaders who will be able to "consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith" (Hebrews 13:7, NIV)