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Latitude Internship Coordinator, South Africa

Thabiso was a member of the 1st cohort of Latitude interns in 2018 and returned in 2019 as a 2nd year intern. Thabiso was baptized during his internship with Latitude and developed a desire to prepare himself to become a pastor. Thabiso was selected to become the Intern Coordinator for the 2020 cohort, which is a great example of his personal commitment and the leadership development philosophy of Latitude and our church partner.



2020 Intern - South Africa

My vision for this internship would be to strengthen my leadership skills in a way I can use it for God's glory. I hope to grow in my knowledge of the Bible and in my faith in God.



2020 Intern - South Africa

This year I'm hoping to serve the Lord in the ministry and to be able to share the gospel with people in my community. What I'm expecting for this year is to see our YouthAlive youth group growing by getting to know Jesus. I would like to see the young people learning to follow God's commands after all that Jesus Christ has done for us. I would like to see the leaders and Interns growing in their roles as leaders in our community. I hope that we as a team will also learn to walk in Jesus's steps, who is our Lord and Savior.



2020 Intern - South Africa

My dream is that I would like to be a Lawyer or an Archaeologist in the future but for this year I'm just looking to grow my relationship with God through the Latitude Program. There's a lot I would like to achieve, spiritual growth, self-growth and mostly leadership growth.



2020 Intern - South Africa

My vision is to grow more in the Lord Jesus Christ and getting to know who God is. One of my goals for this year is to bring more people closer to God and let them know who God is and share the gospel in my community.



2020 Intern - South Africa

My vision for this year is to create a warm and loving environment to minister to the youth and to introduce God to other youth so that they can experience the love of God. I would also like to be a good example to the kids as the leader and put their needs first. My goal for this year is to grow spiritually, get to know more about God, and to work on my relationship with God to be stronger than before and be a good influence on other kids.

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20 yrs - South Africa

Hi there I'm Taine. My vision for this year is that I'm hoping to be more active in ministry and help out where I can. This is my second year being a intern and I'm hoping to improve on what I built up last year in ministry with the youth group Youthworx. I'm hoping to achieve a personal goal of reaching out to the young teens just like I was reached out to when I was their age. I would also like this year to be full of growth in my life as I would like to grow closer to Christ.

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19 yrs - South Africa

Hello,my name is Nonhlanhla Faith. I am 19 years old. My vision is to be a teacher or a missionary, what I want to achieve is to be a good leader, have a strong relationship with God, be able to share gospel with people, and have a lot of fun with my team.



22 yrs - South Africa

My name is SilindileMjoli (Sli). I am looking forward to leading the youth, and bringing them to Christ through my music. I believe that music (worship) is one of those strongest tools that could be used to touch people’s hearts and get them to want to build a relationship with Christ. My goal is to collectively grasp an understanding of God through his word. I am also personally looking forward to building a strong relationship with Christ, worshiping him exclusively and becoming Godly leader (servant).