Latitude GLC desires to be an inspiring influence in the lives of spiritual leaders. Ultimately, God is the source of inspiration: breathing life into leaders, quickening their hearts with bold and creative ideas, stirring their desire to make an eternal difference and showing them a grander purpose for their lives. Latitude wants to help emerging leaders recognize God’s sovereign work in their lives and inspire them to steward their influence for His greater purposes. Through mentoring relationships, internships and training resources, Latitude seeks to stir a generation to rise up and take its place in the Missio Dei.

Discipleship is the core of Latitude GLC. We equip young adults to become rooted and grounded in the Word of God, obedient to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and fully devoted to Jesus Christ. Our goal is to see every spiritual leader reach full maturity and assurance in Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:28 & 4:12). Latitude GLC equips established adults to come alongside the next generation as mentors, fellow learners and companions in the spiritual journey. We equip young adults to know what to look for in mentoring relationships to help them grow into maturity and intimacy with Christ.


The Holy Spirit sovereignly bestows natural leadership abilities and spiritual leadership gifts on men and women from every culture so they can lead and nurture God’s people and transform their communities with the message and mission of Jesus.

Latitude GLC advances the Gospel and strengthens the global church by making spiritual deposits in leaders so they can serve as catalysts for spiritual renewal and agents of hope and change in the workplace, church and community. We want to activate the next generation of spiritual leaders to be disciples and disciple makers.

By faith, we ask God to create a global movement, a spiritual awakening, a transformational community of young adults who feel called to perpetuate His memory to their own generation and cause the nations to praise Him (Psalm 45:17).

Latitude knows that the spiritual journey can be challenging and discouraging. Sometimes spiritual leaders have trouble admitting that they need encouragement from others. That’s why mentoring relationships and leadership communities are so important. Burdens are meant to be shared with others who care about us and understand what we are going through. 

We also want to encourage leaders when the journey is smooth and seamless. Sometimes leaders become too comfortable and complacent. As agents of change, leaders may need to be encouraged to leave their comfort zones to pursue new opportunities that will stretch them and broaden their influence. We want to encourage them to dream and explore, to take calculated risks of faith under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Latitude training resources help emerging leaders customize their mentoring relationships as they prepare for new opportunities.

To inspire, disciple, encourage, and activate the next generation of spiritual leaders to advance the Gospel and strengthen the Global Church