10 Latitude Partnerships – Pray that God would raise up 10 USA churches who would be willing to partner with Latitude to adopt one of our 10 Key Global Cities for the purpose of partnering with strategic local churches to start a cross-cultural Latitude internship program.


10 Key Global Cities – Pray that the God will open up doors of opportunity to develop strong partnerships with strategic churches in each of the following cities:


1. London
2. New York
3. Tokyo
4. Paris
5. Singapore
6. Amsterdam
7. Seoul
8. Berlin
9. Hong Kong
10. Sydney

Pray that Latitude would be open to other cities that might not be on this list as the Holy Spirit leads.


10 Internship Programs – Pray that God would raise up 10 churches in the Key Global Cities who would be willing to launch a Latitude Internship Program in their local church to raise up the next generation of spiritual leaders.


10 Fruitful Years – Pray that the God would bless Latitude with the ability accomplish the 20/20 Vision by the end of this decade.


If we are faithful and God blesses our labors, 20 churches will have been instrumental in raising up a new generation of spiritual leaders in 10 powerful cities across the globe. Hundreds of young adult interns would have the training and mentoring necessary to go out into all domains of society to transform culture through the gospel and spiritual leadership, and Latitude will have accomplished the task entrusted to us.